* The Texas Tale *
Henry Jackson
Country Western Guitar Playing Singing Aficionado from Deep East Texas
Henry's guitar-picking
son, Ronnie Jackson, the
well established owner
Ronnie Jackson
Mercedes in Mid-Town,
Houston, Harris County,
Henry Jackson
Born on October 1st, 1934 in the small East
Texas town of Tenaha, Shelby County,
Texas. Photo below is Tenaha in 1900, 34
years before he was a twinkle in his Paw
Paw's eye!
Early Days

During High School, Henry developed a keen interest in
playing the guitar and a passion for Country Western
music and was influenced by such renown performers as
Ernest Tubb "The Texas Troubadour", Hank Williams Sr,
Merle Haggard , Carl Smith "Mister Country", Bob Wills and
the Texas Playboys,
Hank Thompson, Chet Atkins and the
George Jones known as the "The Possum" and
more often than not as "No-Show-Jones".

Later on in life Henry co-wrote songs with the well known
and accomplished
Eddie Noack .
He attended the Central High School of Joaquin, Shelby
County, Texas east on Highway 84 a stone's throw away
from Tenaha. The home of the Future Farmers of America
- Joaquin Chapter, and the Ram Nation.
Austin City Limits
Joaquin Jackson
(not related),
Notorious Texas Ranger,
aka Texas Badass!